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The Cafe Meow has found a location that we are currently working on negotiations and don’t want to give away the exact location as of yet, but stay tuned for updates as we progress.

Although we had checked with the Health, Licensing and Zoning departments over the past year about the concept, we have run into a roadblock. We could use your help to overcome this, and it will only take you a minute. The button right below will take you to a very quick survey, if you would like to know more details first, keep reading!

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The Details:

The reason that nobody has been able to open a cat cafe in Minneapolis is that, according to current regulations and ordinances, one must be zoned for the use of an Animal Shelter and animal shelters can currently only exist in certain industrially-zoned spaces. The nature of a cat cafe is more commercial than industrial, though, and the location that we are working toward is commercially zoned. The place that we are looking at is in Uptown. It is a commercially zoned area with lots of cool shops, restaurants, and venues nearby. We need to prove to the city that a cat cafe is a commercial business worth having.

We have already started this process by visiting the neighboring businesses in the area and receiving letters of support from them. We also need the residential community to show their support.

This is where you come in, click the button below and fill out a quick 3-question survey and YOU can be the reason that a cat cafe comes to Minneapolis!

Again, no cat cafe can come into Minneapolis as current rules for zoning are. A cafe is more than fine and we are a cafe… just with a niche of helping rescue cats by working with several rescues to help get cats off the streets and into good homes. Not only is it an educational place but a fun location that can benefit the community by being a relaxing place to get away from the everyday stresses, put smiles on faces, be an educational resource for proper cat care, promote other local businesses, and much more.

Here is what we are doing to over come this bump in the road:
1. Reaching out and receiving signed letters of support from our future neighboring businesses.
2. Reaching out and receiving verbal support from the community representatives such as city council members and department heads.
3. Reaching out and receiving the community’s support, such as nearby neighborhood associations and your support!

Once we have received the support from the community we can go back to zoning and present our case. The Cafe Meow will be a positive addition to Minneapolis and will thrive in its commercial area. It has already received a lot of support from the community and local government workers. First and foremost we are a cafe and should be zoned for one as our primary use and the cat lounge is an accessory to our main use. Although a cat cafe is a newer concept many other trendy cities have allowed the concept into their commercial areas including in New York City, Denver, Chicago, Seattle and more.

Minneapolis is an innovative city that keeps up with current trends together let’s bring The Cafe Meow to its streets.

Please share the survey with your friends, family, and following. You do not have to live in Minneapolis to take part in the survey and we promote everyone in Minnesota to show their support!

Take the Quick Survey To Help Start A Minneapolis Cat Cafe

Have a question? Post it below or email us using our Contact form.

Thank you!

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  1. Stephanie Hoffman says:

    My daughter wanted to open a cat cafe in Chicago. She works for a shelter there and some cafes help them with fundraisers, as they are a nonprofit business. It looks like you have thought this out and I wish you well. I of course will stop in when in Mpls. when you open.

  2. Deborah Severson says:

    Can’t wait for CafĂ© Meow to open. I was so excited to hear about this on The Jason Show. I have had cats my whole adult life. My cat at home is Gunnar, his litter mate, brother Casey has passed away. Born 3/13/2001 and passed away on 01/07/17. He is very missed. Looking forward to the opening. Thanks for doing this.


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