Coming Soon To: Hennepin Ave  612.212.8471

Slowly but Surely

Slowly but Surely..?


Our Kickstarter Campaign to help us cover our renovation costs is going pretty slowly. If we do not reach our goal, then we will not get any of the funding that has been pledged. We really need this help in covering our costs or our opening could be delayed.

We know you all have been so patient with us for the last few years and we truly appreciate it. We are so close now and just need a few more key pieces to fall into place before we can breathe easily. If you are able to contribute, please do. If you cannot but would love to have a cat cafe in the Twin Cities, please share our campaign with everyone that you know who would be interested.


Click here to view the Kickstarter and the rewards!

The Kickstarter ends December 13th at 7am. Again, this is your last chance to get PRE-OPENING tickets! Be one of the first people to experience Minnesota’s FIRST cat cafe.


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