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Our Story

It all started with a concept then grew to be a passion and pursuit.

Jessica was constantly considering potential business ideas to pursue in her future. She always knew that she wanted to make something of her own instead of working a typical nine to five job. When the Purina One pop up cat cafe in New York City made headlines, she started looking into the cat cafe concept.

To move forward, Jessica knew that she would need help. She reached out to Danielle, knowing that her commendable research skills and interest in learning would be valuable qualities in this pursuit.

They began taking the crucial first steps of starting a business: doing research, creating a business plan, and building a following online. Through The Cafe Meow’s website, they asked that anybody with interest in helping reach out to them.

Taylor was also passionate about opening a cat cafe. During her own research, she came across The Cafe Meow. On a prayer, she emailed Jessica and Danielle and asked to be a part of this great upcoming business. After a few meetings and getting to know one another, they all decided to move forward together.

Hence The Cafe Meow dream team was created!

The End

Hahaha just kidding. We’re just getting started. We’re gonna take Minneapolis by storm, you wait and see. A storm of good java and cat fluff.



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Cat Cafe Embassy


The Cafe Meow is a proud member of The North American Cat Cafe Embassy since 2014. The embassy works together to bring the best cat cafes to the people of North America.