Through our participation in the community we’ve learned that Minneapolis is all about small business.
Not only do we want to build ourselves up in an environment that will benefit us, we want to help benefit other small businesses nearby, too.  We will be working with local roasters, bakers, and rescue efforts. (See our Partners page to see the local businesses we are working with.) It is one of our core values to be a positive addition to Minneapolis and support other businesses in the community. If you have a small business and are interested in getting in touch please contact us or check out our How To Be A Part Of The Cafe Meow page.

Becoming a memorable part of the community is one of our biggest goals. We anticipate that people will come from all around the Twin Cities to partake in the cat cafe experience. After seeing the turn out at The Walker Art Center’s Cat Video Festival, it really solidified in our minds that there is a definite cat culture alive and well in Minneapolis. We, too, love cats; Let’s all work together to create something that will leave a lasting imprint on the Twin Cities.

At The Cafe Meow we strive to make a positive addition to this amazing city.