Our Partners

We choose to partner with the businesses we do because they are small, local, honest companies or non-profits. Find out a little more about the rescues we work with, where we get our food and beverages along with other providers we work with.

No Kitten Left Behind-MN was founded in 2009 by two friends who set out to help a colony of cats near Annandale, MN. We have since grown to help countless others through rescue, education and assistance with a variety of other needs.
We are a small, all-volunteer, foster based, no-kill rescue dedicated to helping cats and kittens in need. We provide them with any necessary medical care and adopt them into caring and life-long homes. Our rescue provides a stable, loving environment in which these gentle animals can be cared for until we find their forever homes.

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Ruff Start Rescue is a foster home-based Non Profit 501c3, No-Kill dog and cat rescue based in Central Minnesota. We rescue stray, neglected, abandoned, and surrendered dogs and cats as well as ferrets, guinea pigs and rabbits. We work very hard to place them in new loving homes.

This group could not survive without our wonderful volunteers who spend countless hours devoting time to save lives.

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Pet Project Rescue (PPR) is a local, foster based, non-profit organization focusing on rescue and re-homing of dogs and cats, from Minneapolis to Mexico. PPR believes that all animals deserve a loving and safe life, with part of this mission focusing on PPR’s hospice program for terminally ill dogs and cats. In order to fully provide for animals in need, PPR created a Twin Cities Trap-Neuter-Return and Feral Cat Placement program to help street cats in our community, while also reducing the homeless-animal population at its source through intensive spay/neuter programming.

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Bootstrap Coffee Roasters is a small, craft-focused wholesale roasting company in Saint Paul born out of a passion for quality coffee, respect for hard work and a desire to share our results with everyone! Each coffee is thoughtfully selected with an eye toward sustainability and great taste and carefully roasted so as to highlight balance and complexity in the cup. Starting in May 2014, specialty coffee veteran Micah Svejda began with a just a tiny roasting space, no employees, a small roaster and a passion to bring delicious specialty coffee to the Twin Cities and beyond. As we grow, it is our goal to earn our place as your favorite hometown roaster!

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The Northern Lights Tea Company; we are committed to reducing our carbon foot print — our search for the best tasting organic and fair trade teas is never ending and our delicious collection grows and grows. We also have a great selection of tea pots, infusers, mugs, kettles and other tea paraphernalia. Encouraged by our loyal customers, we are now taking our first steps in e-commerce. We welcome our existing and new customers to The Northern Lights Tea Company online. Our promise is to give you the best customer service and to offer you a wide variety of fine tasting teas at a reasonable price.

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Purrniture was never conceived as a small business opportunity. I, like many I have met, have never been inspired by cat furniture available in stores. Most cat furniture is poorly designed and poorly built, being too lightweight or too small for a cat to fully utilize. The product then sits dormant in a person’s house. Some cat furniture has already become loosened before being sold in a store. This is caused by many people each day giving the unit a “sturdy test”. Cat furniture that is impressive usually is more expensive than what can be justified to spend on it…

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Urban Tails Pet Supplies

We are community minded people, passionate about shopping local and supporting the Minneapolis economy. We strive to be accepting of all people, making sure our store is safe place where you feel at home. We feel connected to our customers, and we are here to get you through any hiccups along the journey of being a pet parent. We have an experienced & passionate staff that are happy to help you find local, healthy products for your cat, dog, rabbit, or other small pet. We offer space to non-profit animal rescues and give back to the community through donations and special fundraising events.

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Welcome to My Sister’s Sweets, a specialty order-based bakery with the personal touch.  A love for beauty and taste, coupled with a desire to make your celebration or dining experience memorable drive our ever-expanding list of artisan breads and sumptuous desserts.

At My Sister’s Sweets we have developed our menu so that many of our offerings can be made to suit your event to the enjoyment of all, including gluten free(*) and dairy free options, and we are constantly testing and developing new products.

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I’m a local baker located in Northeast Minneapolis. I enjoy making delicious cakes, cupcakes and various treats for my friends, family and community.

I have gluten free, dairy free, and vegan cake options.

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What keeps you up at night? For me, it was the question, “am I doing what I love to do?” After almost 20 years in Corporate America, I decided to step back from my desk life and follow my passions.

Early in my career, I had a boss ask me if I wanted to be known for the cookies I baked or the work I did. At the time, I told her what she wanted to hear. Now it’s time to say what I thought years ago. Know me for my cookies!
Those of you who are staring at your ceiling at night wondering if you are in the right job, ask yourself what are you really passionate about? If it’s not your job, find out what it is…and do that!

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