Learn more about the cafe by reading the frequently asked questions below. If you have any more questions, please go to our contact page and send us a message. You can also send us a message on Facebook or @ us on Twitter!

Where are you located?

We recently signed a lease for 2323 Hennepin Ave Minneapolis MN 55405. We are not open yet but will keep everyone posted about when we will be opening via social media and our mailing list, when the time comes.

When are you opening?

We have not set an official opening date yet. Keep posted by signing up for our monthly email updates in the footer.

I Would Like to be a Part of This… How Can I Get Involved?

You can help out or be a part of The Cafe Meow by reaching out to us. Please look at the options on the Get Involved page. We love to hear from you.

Can I bring my cat?

No, but you can possibly take one home by adopting through one of our local shelter partners.

Having cats walking around a restaurant just doesn’t seem smart or sanitary?

We agree with you 100%. Good thing The Cafe Meow will consist of two main rooms separated by a double doorway so that the cats are in one room and the food in the other.

So you’re telling me that it’s legally acceptable to have animals in a building where food is being prepared?

Not really. There has to be a wall with a door separating the two spaces where the food is and where the cats stay. At our cat cafe we want one step above and beyond to make sure the cats remain on safely on their side of the cafe. We have a double door way to help keep the cats on the cat lounge.

Will there be a fee to enter the Cat Room?

Yes, 10 dollars for an hour. We promise there are good reasons for this including: paying the Cat Host, feeding our cats, and making sure that the space is continuously a relaxing and safe environment for cats and people.

What about people that are allergic to cats?

We imagine that people with allergies know their situations well enough to make an informed decision as to whether or not the cat cafe experience is right for them.

Don’t you think the cats will knock over everybody’s beverages?

People that opt to enjoy their drink on the coffee shop side have nothing to worry about here. As for anybody who is going to bring their drink into the cat room, they will be responsible for keeping an eye on it.

What about people with service animals?

All service animals will have to be left on the cafe side. They must either be trained to wait and have a jacket requesting that people do not pet them while they wait for their owner (otherwise we can provide a sign) or be left with someone who can take care of them on the cafe side while the owner goes into the cat room. Although your service animal may be good with cats, the cats at the cafe may have a different reaction.

Will you have options for people who don’t like coffee and tea? Will you serve alcohol?

Selections will be limited but they will be there. We will NOT be serving alcohol to begin with but may add it as an option in the future.

Can I bring my children in the cat lounge?

Yes! Kids under 12 must be supervised by an adult while children under 3 are Free.

What about cat scratches and bites?

1. We will be individually selecting cats based on how friendly and compatible they are with people and other cats. Cat scratches and bites for no reason should be a rare occurrence indeed.

2. We assume that anybody entering the cat room understands the risk of scratch or nip associated with cats and will takes steps to minimize such risk. (i.e. not picking up a cat if you don’t know how to properly hold one, not putting your hand between a cat and a toy that said cat is being particularly feisty with, etc.)

3. With all that being said, you are choosing to enter a room with cats therefore we are not liable for any cat related injuries but should report them immediately to an employee.