COMING SOON - Minneapolis' First Cat Cafe

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We are Minneapolis' First cat cafe. Where people can spend time with rescue cats and enjoy quality drinks.

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The Cats Of The Cafe Meow

All the cats of The Cafe Meow are available for adoption through the local rescues that we work with.

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Please contact us with any questions or comments. We love hearing from you! We can be reached on Facebook, Twitter, by email and phone.

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The Details

The Cafe Meow is one space composed of two separate areas: the coffee shop and the cat lounge.

The cafe is similar to other small coffee shops, providing a comfortable and cozy environment. We serve coffee, tea, alongside baked goods from local bakeries. See our cafe page to learn more about our partners.

The cat lounge is where The Cafe Meow offers its unique experience that has never been seen before in Minneapolis. This space houses rescue cats to come and visit with. All cats will be available for adoption through local rescues. Patrons pay a cover fee for a set amount of time spent in the cat lounge. This fee helps pay for the food, litter and employees.

We hope you come visit with the cats of The Cafe Meow.

Recent Mews

The Café Meow set to bring rescue cats and coffee to Hennepin

A café filled with adoptable cats has signed a lease to open at 2317 Hennepin Ave. Years in the making, the café takes its inspiration from Japanese cat cafés and a pop-up cat café in New York. Customers would buy cat time at the register, and carry their drinks to a separate room to visit cats…

The Cafe Meow

Peas and carrots. Caviar and champagne. Cats and coffee. These are things that have gone together since time immemorial. That last pair has been tragically hard to find outside of the home, sadly, but that is finally about to change…

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