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Introducing: The Cafe Meow

We are bringing the cat cafe experience to Minneapolis. This will be a cafe consisting of two separate areas: the cat room and the cafe. You can come order some cat time with your coffee. Then you can visit with the cats of  The Cafe Meow. It will be a fun and relaxing environment where people can spend time with cats and enjoy quality drinks.

The Cafe Meow believes in the local businesses of Minnesota and has created partnerships to provide all the cafe needs. We will support our local shelters by having the majority of our cat population available for adoption through their respective shelter. See our Partners and Cafe pages to see who we will be working with.

The cafe is on schedule to open in 2017. The goal being Fall 2017.

We had a successful Kickstarter back in 2016.


To Summarize, You Should Frequent The Cafe Meow If You…


1 – Love cats and just wish you could hug every cat.

2 – Don’t have any cats and wish you could, but you can’t.

3 – Are in the area and miss your precious little furbaby back home who is very upset at you for leaving and plotting their revenge.

4 – Did we mention that there will be coffee and tea? There will be organic coffees and teas from local vendors.

5 – Don’t necessarily care for cats but you love coffee; you can definitely just come in and get a drink. (The cats will be in a separate room attached to the cafe.)

6 – Don’t necessarily care for coffee or tea but you love cats; imagine that! You can just visit the cat playroom, no beverage necessary.

7 – Love cats and coffee. Well what are you waiting for? This place is calling out to you. The stars and planets of the cosmos have aligned, do you believe in… destiny?


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Cat Cafe Embassy


The Cafe Meow is a proud member of The North American Cat Cafe Embassy since 2014. The embassy works together to bring the best cat cafes to the people of North America.